After suffering through two brutal winters, it is hard to believe the weather man is predicting this upcoming winter is going to start earlier, last longer, be colder and snowier, than any winter in recent memory.

Isn’t it about time you made your dreams of owning a vacation home in sunny Florida a reality?

The beaches are covered in sugary white sand, the oceans are tropical blue, the palm trees sway in the warm ocean breezes, or you can stay home and freeze!

We are the EXPERTS on Florida Real Estate.

We wrote THE BOOK on the subject, and whether you are purchasing a vacation residence or income producing property, our book has 99% of the answers most Canadians will require.

As fellow Canadians, the best advice we can offer you is as follows:

  1. Read THE BOOK, it takes only 30 minutes, and will supply you with a treasure trove of information, that you need to know.
  2. Get Professional Representation; make sure someone is safeguarding your interests.

We are here to help you make your Florida Dreams come true, and will carefully and skillfully guide you through the entire process.

Something Every Canadian Needs To Know – Florida Real Estate Law Is Very Different

Florida Law states, all real estate transactions, unless otherwise specified, are “transaction broker” based. A “transaction broker” does NOT legally represent the BUYER or SELLER, they represent NO ONE. They are even forbidden by Florida law to offer any opinion on market value. Most Florida real estate brokerage companies fall into this category.

Cross Border is a Single Agent Broker. We represent our Clients during the purchase and sale process and we have a legal obligation to safeguard your interests.

Why Use Our Professional Services (Cost $0)

Most Canadians understand if they are searching for a resale home, a Real Estate Agent working on their behalf, is a necessity. Here is something most Canadians may not be aware of: every New Home Builder in Florida, will co-operate with a Real Estate Agent representing a potential Buyer.

Tip #1

The Sales Agent in the model home, WORKS FOR THE BUILDER, they do NOT represent the BUYER. Most of the top producing builder sales agents, actually prefer it when the Buyer arrives in the model home sales center with a Real Estate Agent. Why? This eliminates any potential conflict of interest, but more importantly, the builder’s sales representative, knows they are dealing with an educated and qualified Buyer. A Licensed Professional Realtor® can negotiate concessions for their Clients, and more importantly, may be aware of hidden sales incentives that may be available, that the Buyer would not have known about on their own. The cost to our BUYERS is $0.

Tip #2

GET REPRESENTATION. Make sure someone is looking out for your best interests. When speaking with any Realtor®, ask if they are representing the Buyer, the Seller, or No One. If you don’t ask, they will not volunteer this information. If they inform you that they are not representing you, then work with Cross Border Realty, where ALL our BUYERS and SELLERS are fully represented.

Take advantage and call Cross Border before you start looking, or if you are considering selling, and let our PROFESSIONALS safely and carefully guide you through the entire real estate process. The cost to our BUYERS is $0, and our SELLERS are charged competitive real estate fees.

Tip #3

We know the Local Real Estate Markets, have access to current Market Information, know about HOA Fees, Deed Restrictions, Property Taxes, local community issues, etc. Simply put, we are Market Experts, and will save you thousands of dollars, as your representative. It is our job to find you the best home, for the best price, in the best area, that meets your needs and budget.

Tip #4

Most gated communities do not permit the posting of For Sale signs. It is not uncommon, to drive through a beautiful gated community, and not see one single For Sale sign. Gated communities control access, and want you to visit their communities with your REALTOR®, to guard their resident’s privacy. You will appreciate this after you move in!

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Facts not Fiction

The Most Important Question

Researching our book, we discovered that much of the information available online and in print, regarding this subject, was either authored by Americans, with no knowledge of Canadian Tax Laws, or authored by Canadians, who have never lived or worked in the USA, and have never owned property in the USA. The factual quality of the information rendered, reflected this fact. The most important question, you should ask anyone you are considering doing business with is this: have you done this yourself? We have, and we are happy to share our knowledge with you.

“I read the entire book last night and I simply loved it. It was well presented with concise and useful information. Really a wonderful job! The beautiful pictures should also create a strong desire for some of us to buy Florida property. “
Parm P., Canadian & US Immigration Attorney