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500,000 Canadians own Florida Homes.

Canadians are the second largest group of Foreign Buyers and Investors in Florida.

In 2016 Canadians set a record and purchased US $19 Bln worth of US real estate.

92% of Canadian Buyers are “ALL-CASH” buyers, with only a small percentage taking advantage of traditional mortgage financing.

55% of Canadians plan to use their Florida Home for vacation purposes, 20% for rentals and 20% for both. In addition, 55% of Canadians plan to occupy their homes for 3 to 6 months, 20% for 1 to 2 months, and 10% for less than 1 month per year, with the balance being undecided.

Most non-resident Canadian property owners, are absent for the majority of the calendar year, and will require some type of property management service.

Canadians love Florida, and Florida loves us back. Most Canadian Snowbirds develop lifelong friendships with their American neighbors in Florida, and it is true testament to the unique and special bond of friendship between our two countries.

Here’s where we come in. We are a Canadian company helping fellow Canadians, escape our harsh Canadian winters, purchase and maintain their Florida vacation residences year round.

Florida HammockKey IRS Tax Forms & Publications

IRS Form W-7, IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number

IRS Publication 515, Withholding of Tax on Non-Resident Aliens andForeign Entities

IRS Form 8288-A, Statement of Withholding on Dispositions by Foreign Persons of U.S. Real Property Interests

IRS Form 8288-B, Statement of Withholding on Dispositions by Foreign Persons of U.S. Real Property Interests

IRS Form 8288-A, Instructions

IRS Publication 527, Residential Rental Property

IRS Form 1040NR, U.S. Non-Resident Alien Income Tax Return

IRS Form 1040NR, Instructions

IRS 1042S, Foreign Persons US Source Income Subject To Withholding

IRS Form 1099-S, Proceeds From Real Estate Transactions

IRS Form 1099-S, Instructions

IRS Form 8840, Closer Connection Exception Statement for Resident Aliens

IRS Form W-8BEN, Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for US Tax Withholding and Reporting

IRS Form W-8ECI, Certificate of Foreign Persons Claim That Income is Effectively Connected With the Conduct of a Trade or Business in the US

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