1. Not knowing the neighborhood. Real estate always has been and always will be a local business. “Know your neighborhood” is a cardinal rule in this business. A real estate professional knows what is going on in their local market area. Hire a local professional.

2. Getting stuck in an HOA (Home Owners Association) nightmare – because you bought the wrong property in the wrong community. A knowledgeable real estate professional can explain to you up front – the ins and outs of the HOA regulations – for the community you are considering. The nightmare stories in Florida about HOAs are legendary. A real estate professional can help you avoid 99% of these pitfalls.

3. Thinking you do not need Realtor when buying a new home. The New Home Salesperson in the model home works for the Builder – not the Buyer. They are paid to look out for their employer’s interest – not your interests. You will not save $1 – by not using a Realtor. You will probably lose money. A lot of money. One of the largest builders in SW FL – recently reported 872 annual sales in 2017 – of which 762 were handled by Realtors – acting for the Buyer. That is 87% of total new home sales done through Realtors. The Builder has already factored paying a finders fee into the price. Getting professional representation costs you $0. The Builder pays the Realtor’s finders fee – not the Buyer. The Builder will not rebate $1 of this money back to you. And they laugh under their breath – when Buyers try this negotiating tactic – even though they will politely agree with you. Most importantly you will be left to fend for yourself. You do not have the real “inside market information” – on current sales incentives being offered. Most people know less than 20% of what they need to know – to navigate the new home buying process successfully. Having gone through the new home buying process hundreds of times with clients – we know all the pitfalls to avoid – and how to make the process go smoothly – and the importance of this fact can not be overstated. Do not go it alone – get professional representation – protect yourself.

Here is an eye opening question: having just read the information above – why do the most successful Builders LOVE working with Realtors ?

1. Realtors provide a steady stream of qualified Buyers – that result in higher sales conversion rates – and significantly lower cancellation rates.

2. Realtors generate a huge amount of repeat business for volume Builders – allowing them to smooth out their production and hiring schedules.

3. Builders treat the “finders fees” paid to Realtors – as part of their global sales and marketing budgets – and not as line item expenses on individual transactions. That is why reputable – professional Builders – welcome Buyers with Realtor representation – even though they know – the Realtor will help “level the playing field” in the Buyer’s favor. Now you know !

Please call if you are considering buying a Florida property – we can help you make a wise choice.