Cross Border specialize in helping Boomers, Snowbirds, Investors and International Clients Navigate Florida real estate. 

Navigate means helping Clients, that are newcomers to Florida, avoid Big and Costly mistakes.

Whether you are relocating to Florida full time, plan on being a seasonal Snowbird, or are an Investor from Out of State or Out of Country, we are here to help you.

We have written a critically acclaimed Book, that answers 99% of the questions most newcomers to the State of Florida, need to know, before they buy.

Our Book is free. It is a quick 15 minute read. Request your free copy now.

Here are the 3 Big Mistakes Buyers make:

  1. NOT KNOWING THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Real estate always has been and always will be a local business. Know your neighborhood is a cardinal rule in this business. A real estate professional knows what is going on in their local market area. Hire a knowledge, local professional.
  1. GETTING STUCK IN AN HOA NIGHTMARE: Home owners association nightmares are the stuff of legend in our State. Do not buy the wrong property in the wrong community. A knowledgeable real estate professional can explain to you upfront, the ins and outs of the HOA regulations of the community you are considering, and help you avoid 99% of these potential pitfalls.
  1. THINKING YOU DO NOT NEED A REALTOR WHEN BUYING A NEW HOME: The new home sales person in the model home works for the Builder, not the Buyer. They are paid to look out for their employer’s interests, not yours. You will not save $1 by going it alone. You will lose money. A lot of money. One of our largest local builders reported 872 annual sales, of which, 762 were handled by Realtors representing the Buyer. That is 87% of the total. The Builder has already factored paying a finder’s fee into the price. The Builder will not rebate $1 of this money back to you. Builders laugh under their breath, when Buyers try this negotiating tactic, even though they will politely agree with you. Representation costs you $0, why would you fend for yourself? Buyers know less than 20% of what they actually need to know, to get a great deal. Having gone through the new home buying process hundreds of times with clients, we know all the pitfalls to avoid, and how to make the process go smoothly. Do not go it alone, get professional representation, it costs you $0.

Here are the 4 Big Mistakes Investors make:

  1. INCOME: The rental income does not justify the $/sq. ft. purchase price.
  1. EXPENSES: The monthly expenses are too high, relative to the property type and rental income produced.
  1. CAP RATE: The capitalization rate is too low to justify the investment.
  1. HOA REGS: The home owners association regulations are too restrictive, or do not permit the intended use. Frequently overlooked or glossed over by some sales people, the long run financial consequences are catastrophic if a mismatch occurs.

AVOID THESE BIG AND COSTLY MISTAKES: Hire Cross Border to represent your interests. Cost you $0.

Canadian Buyers Guide to Florida Real Estate


Buying Florida Real Estate

Buying Florida Real Estate

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Luxury resort style golf community located in prestigious Lakewood Ranch 

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“I read the entire book last night and I simply loved it. It was well presented with concise and useful information. Really a wonderful job! The beautiful pictures should also create a strong desire for some of us to buy Florida property. “
Parm P., Canadian & US Immigration Attorney