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The Canadian Buyer’s Guide To Florida Real Estate, was written by Canadians for Canadians.

We are Canadians who have lived and worked in the USA for many years.

Our firm is the ONE STOP SHOP for Canadians looking to invest, purchase, finance and manage Florida real estate.

Having spent the last 12 years in Florida, we discovered, there was a ton of misinformation, in print and on the web, regarding Canadian ownership of Florida real property.

We found material authored by Americans, with little or no knowledge of Canadian tax laws.

We found information authored by Canadians, who had never lived or worked in the USA, and had never owned property in the USA.

We found highly technical personal finance books, focused on sophisticated cross border tax planning for the 1%, the super rich, but not very relevant for the rest of us.

The Canadian Buyer’s Guide To Florida Real Estate is written in simple, plain and easy to understand language.

It was written for the rest of us, the 99% of ordinary Canadians, who dream of owning a little piece of paradise in beautiful sunny Florida.

The Canadian Buyers Guide To Florida Real Estate, provides answers to 99% of all the questions, ordinary Canadians have about owning Florida real property.

Please download your free copy, a $24.99 value, our gift to you.


Cindy Leathwood

About Cindy Leathwood

Cindy is a well known and highly respected female executive, in the real estate and mortgage industry.

Her career spans 26 years of managing large real estate offices and owning her own mortgage company.

Cindy was “ON-AIR” for 11 years, as the trusted co-host of “The Sunday Money Show”, answering her loyal listeners questions about real estate and mortgage financing.

Every week Cindy would get questions from her listeners, about how to buy real estate in Florida.

Every week after the show, she would remark to her husband, “somebody needs to write the definitive book on this subject!”

So one day, she and her husband Brent did just that.

Cindy is a Licensed Florida REALTOR®.

Brent Leathwood

About Brent Leathwood, MBA

Brent is a Real Estate Investment Expert, Building Contractor and Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker.

He specializes in helping Out of State, and Out of Country clients, “Navigate” Florida real estate. Navigate = helping clients (Snowbirds, Retirees and Investors) avoid costly $$$ mistakes.

Frequently quoted in national and international media publications, including The Wall Street Journal and the CBC National News, Brent and his wife co-authored a critically acclaimed E-Book on Buying Florida Real Estate for Boomers.

A prudent and pragmatic Finance and Accounting Professional, who holds both Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Business Administration degrees, he spent the first 20 years of his professional career, as a Financial Risk Management Consultant advising Senior Executives.

Brent is here to safeguard your interests, and carefully guide you through the entire process, of purchasing your Florida Dream Home or Investment Property.

Canadian Buyers Guide to Florida Real Estate


Buying Florida Real Estate

Buying Florida Real Estate

“The book is an easy read, touching all the bases a non-resident would need to consider when contemplating a purchase of Florida property. It will be of great interest to anyone who is considering the purchase of a Florida home.”
Roger C., US Real Estate Attorney