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We are Canadians serving Canadians. We are the Florida experts.

  1. Professional Real Estate Brokerage – New & Resale Properties
  2. Mortgage Financing For Canadian Buyers
  3. Legal Representation – Real Estate & Florida Estate Planning.
  4. Home & Condo & Vehicle Insurance
  5. US Accounting & Tax Services – US Immigration Attorneys
  6. Property Management Services – Lawn – Pool – Pest – Home Watching – And Any Other Home Service You May Require
  7. Rental Property Management Services – Tenant Screening – Leasing – Rent Collection – Rent Remittance – IRS Tax Reporting Forms – Property Repairs

Escape to Paradise Checklist.

  1. What market area of Florida are you interested in?
  2. How soon do you want to purchase?
  3. What is your budget?
  4. Are you paying cash, using the equity from your Canadian home, or will you require mortgage financing? If you require mortgage financing, we will refer you to a mortgage banker, and you can get a pre-approval before you purchase.
  5. What type of home do you want to purchase? New or Resale, Single Family Home, Townhome, Villa, Condo? Property type and size are important considerations. Do you want to be able to accommodate lots of family and friends during the Holidays? Don’t forget to factor all these things into your purchase decision.
  6. Are you looking for an Investment/Rental Property? Are you a PRE-RETIREMENT BUYER? Are you purchasing now to take advantage of current pricing, but not planning to move in for a few years? Planning to rent property out to a long term tenant? You will require professional property management services.
  7. Are you purchasing alone or pooling your money with family members and sharing the costs to own and operate?
  8. Are you looking for a maintenance free property? Are you looking for a property in a gated community? Are you looking for an amenity rich community? (Clubhouse, Fitness, Pool, Tennis, etc)
  9. Do you want to be near the beach? Do you want to be close to major amenities? Do you want to be in a golf course community? Do you want to be in a 55 plus community? Do you want to be within a reasonable distance of a major airport?
  10. All of these factors involve cost factors that must be considered.

Here is the best professional advice we can offer you:

Real Estate is all about Location, Location, Location.

Buy the Best Location you can afford. You will never regret it.

Our business model is all about Customer Service, Customer Service, Customer Service.

We are Canadians helping Canadians Navigate Florida Real Estate.

Navigate means helping Canadians avoid making Big and Costly Mistakes.

Our professional services cost $0

Here are the 4 main reasons why 99% of Canadians purchase their Florida Home or Condo through a REALTOR® acting as Buyer’s Agent.

1.  Florida Law states, all real estate transactions, unless otherwise specified, are “transaction broker” based. A “transaction broker” does NOT legally represent the BUYER or SELLER, they represent NO ONE. They are even forbidden by Florida law to offer any opinion on market value. Most Florida real estate brokerage companies fall into this category.

Cross Border is a Single Agent Broker. We have fiduciary obligations to our Purchasers. We are legally bound to supply an opinion of value when asked, and we must safeguard and protect our client’s interests. A transaction broker does none of this.

2. The Home Seller or Home Builder pays the finder’s fee. Our professional services are free to the Buyer. There is no difference in the purchase price to the Buyer being represented, $0.

3. We know the Local Real Estate Markets, have access to current Market Information, know about HOA Fees, Deed Restrictions, Property Taxes, local community issues, etc. Simply put, we are Market Experts, and will save you thousands of dollars, as your representative. It is our job to find you the best home, for the best price, in the best area, that meets your needs and budget.

4. Most gated communities do not permit the posting of For Sale signs. It is not uncommon, to drive through a beautiful gated community, and not see one single For Sale sign. Gated communities control access, and want you to visit their communities with your REALTOR®, to guard their resident’s privacy. You will appreciate this after you move in!

Canadian Buyers Guide to Florida Real Estate


Buying Florida Real Estate

Buying Florida Real Estate

“You really did a fantastic job. You took something complicated and made it relatively simple. Not many people can do this!”
Kirk H., Mortgage Broker & Business Owner